Our incredible CASA volunteers deserve to be honored for their tremendous impact on the lives of youth in foster care. Here are just a few inspiring stories that showcase their contributions.


Limor Rozmarin

Limor has been an incredible CASA volunteer advocate for Mia from 2018 to 2023, showing unwavering dedication and support. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and Mia's relocation out of state in 2021, Limor remained a consistent presence in Mia's life. What initially started as a recommendation from friends for Mia to have an advocate quickly grew into a strong bond between Limor and Mia. 

Limor's role as a trusted adult in Mia’s life has been invaluable. She has provided guidance and support as Mia navigated multiple moves, pursued employment opportunities, and embarked on the journey of parenthood. Limor's commitment to Mia's well-being has been truly remarkable.

As we celebrate Limor's extraordinary efforts and the positive impact she has made in Mia's life, we are grateful for her consistent dedication and compassionate support.







Caitlin MacCalla, LMFT

When Caitlin MacCalla, LMFT, learned about ACTP, she was excited for the opportunity to volunteer. With over 20 years of experience in mental health and social services throughout the Greater Bay Area, and working with youth in foster care, Caitlin had witnessed firsthand the compounded trauma resulting from inconsistencies in mental health care due to changes in placement and high turnover rates of therapists and social workers.

Since entering the field, Caitlin's goal has always been to provide accessible, quality mental health care to youth in foster care, and ACTP presents the perfect opportunity to do so. Through teletherapy offered by ACTP, Caitlin can provide consistent sessions to these youths, no matter where they are located. Additionally, since ACTP is a free service, the youth do not have to worry about coverage being denied.

The youth Caitlin worked with faced systemic issues such as poverty, racism, homelessness, and lack of access to critical resources, among others, both during their time in foster care and as young adults. ACTP removed a significant roadblock in their path to living successful and fulfilling lives by providing them with the opportunity to process the complex trauma they had experienced.

As she engages in therapeutic work with the youth, seeing them gradually shed the layers of trauma and witnessing their development of healthy relationships with themselves and others has been the most rewarding experience during her time at ACTP.

ACTP owes its success to therapists like Caitlin. We are honored to have her volunteering with us.


Kathy Kerr-Schochet

Kathy has been an invaluable member of our program since 2014, known for her wisdom, warmth, and empathy. Her team members rely on her guidance and care as she navigates them through the challenges that arise in supporting youth in foster care. Kathy's friendly demeanor and open invitation for support make her a trusted resource for every team member. Her unwavering commitment to providing guidance and empathy is truly commendable, and we are grateful to have her as part of our team. Thank you, Kathy, for everything you have done!




Marc N.

Marc has been an unwavering source of support for his youth, Nathan, since being assigned to him in 2019. Over the course of four years, Marc has been a consistent presence in Nathan’s life, providing guidance and advocacy through various placement changes and the challenges of the pandemic. Marc has gone above and beyond to connect Nathan with valuable resources, including the CASA Tutor Program, and his reports reflect his deep compassion and understanding of Nathan’s unique needs, built upon years of shared history together. Marc’s dedication to Nathan’s well-being is truly commendable, and we are grateful for the positive impact he continues to make in Nathan’s life.