CASA Tutor Program

CASA Tutors provide high quality, consistent, and accessible educational support to children and youth in the foster care system using volunteers trained specifically in trauma informed practices. The program is designed for children in TK through 12th grade and allows them to meet one-on-one with a volunteer tutor on a weekly basis. Tutors assist with homework and learning concepts in a supportive and caring environment. Our programs and activities are designed to help children in foster care reach their educational goals, build their confidence, and feel supported as they navigate through their school years.
Tutors are assigned to students for the duration of the school year with the option to continue working together longer if the tutor and student agree to do so. Volunteer tutors are experienced educators who have received additional training from CASA of Contra Costa County. Training topics include an introduction to CASA’s structure and policies, the impact trauma has on the developing brain, an introduction to the child welfare system, cultural competency and implicit bias, boundaries, and confidentiality.

Tutors are matched with students based on the youth’s needs and the volunteer’s ability to support them through their skill set or knowledge base.  
We are always in need of volunteers who want to make a lasting difference in the lives of children who have been abused or neglected in our community. 

What is Required to be a CASA Tutor?

Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older and have:

  • A background in education, teaching, tutoring, or as a paraeducator.
  • A willingness to complete 10 hours of Support Volunteer Initial Training.
  • The flexibility to meet with a child or youth once a week for one hour, plus the time to get to and from their location, for an average of 6-12 hours a month.
  • A willingness to connect with the child or youth’s CASA Volunteer Advocate on a quarterly basis.
  • A willingness to complete monthly volunteer hours log and 6 hours a year of continuing education. 
  • A willingness to commit to completing the school year with the child or youth, starting from when they are placed on the case. 


What are the Steps to Becoming a CASA Tutor?

  1. Attend an Info Session.
  2. Complete an application and reference form.
  3. Attend a screening interview on Zoom.
  4. Receive an invitation to join Support Volunteer Initial Training (SVIT).
  5. Complete all background screening.
  6. Complete CA online mandated reporter training for volunteers unless currently certified.
  7. Attend Support Volunteer Initial Training.
  8. Attend an in-person interview with a CASA staff member.
  9. Receive a formal invitation to join tutoring program and meet with staff to select a student.


For more information, contact Tutor Program Coordinator Sarah Bradford at or 925-256-7284 ext. 7.